We at Fort Stewart want your hunting and fishing trips to be fun, rewarding and above all safe. We pride ourselves on the excellent safety record among our anglers and hunters...but we do not want to rest on this record. We are always striving to provide updated information to our recreational users on safety related issues.


When we say "UXO", do you know what that means?  UXO is an Army acronym for "Unexploded Ordnance"


What is "UXO" exactly? UXO results from the military's use of munitions in training. Military munitions include: bullets, bombs, rockets, pyrotechnics, grenades, blasting caps, shells, fuses, pyrotechnic and explosive simulators, and other explosive items. Most military munitions contain some form of propellants, explosives, or pyrotechnic mixes to make them function (explode, propel, or produce intense smoke or light) properly. When a military munitions does not function as intended (do what it is supposed to do) during use, they normally become Unexploded Ordnance or UXO. Many people also refer to UXO as "duds." 

 "If you did not drop it, do not pick it up!"


Does Fort Stewart have any "UXO"? YES. Because Fort Stewart is an Army training facility and soldiers must train with many types of weapons and equipment to ensure they get the most realistic training possible, this training takes place throughout the installation.  Some areas are used for "live fire" exercises. This means that there are some areas on post that may have munitions that have failed to explode or detonate. Although this is uncommon, it still happens onoccasion.  The Army prohibits entry by unauthorized personnel into those areas where UXO may be found.  The Army has a special team of highly trained soldiers who are actively involved in disarming any unexploded ordnance.

What should I do if I find any that might be "UXO"?  These items are extremely dangerous and should never be touched or moved because they can still explode and cause serious injury or death. All anglers and hunters must learn the "3 Rs" of UXO:

Recognize - if you think you have seen something that looks like UXO... DON'T TOUCH IT!

Retreat - Leave the area...go back the same way you came!

Report - Let someone in authority know where it is!


If you should find anything that you might suspect is UXO, contact Fort Stewart's Range Control: 435-8184 or 435-8777.


For emergencies, please call Ft Stewart Central Dispatch at (912) 767-2822.