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**Important Announcements**


1 .) The Alligator Hunting Zone 8A (Fort Stewart) lottery application period will run from 01 JUNE - 15 JULY. 


You can enter the lottery by logging into your iSportsman account > 'Acquire Permits' > 'Lottery Entry



2.) 2023 Turkey Harvest Records must be returned to the Fish & Wildlife Office before Friday, 16 JUNE.

          Please use the return envelope issued with your harvest record. 

          Harvest Records can be brought to our office during business hours

          OR a drop-box is located outside of the office for after-hours drop off.



3.) All recreational users must review the unexploded materials below.

If UXO is encountered, please report the location to (912) 435-8777.



All recreational users must display a vehicle pass on the dash of your vehicle. Click here for more information.




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Directions to Fish & Wildlife Office from Gate 1/ Visitor Control Center





About Us:

Fort Stewart - Hunter Army Airfield is home of the 3rd Infantry Division and the Army's premier heavy power projection platform on the east coast.

When not scheduled for military training, there can be up to 250,000 acres available for hunting, fishing, and outdoor recreational opportunities!

The iSportsman platform gives you access to all the pertaining rules, purchase of permits, area availabilities, and the ability to check-in and enjoy numerous recreation opportunities!



Fish & Wildlife Office Location

Our Mission: To support the military mission by conserving, protecting, restoring, and sustaining biological diversity and the ecosystem viability upon which fish and wildlife depend. This includes enhancing the quality of life for Soldiers, their Families, and civilians through quality fisheries and wildlife management.



If you have any questions and would like to send us an email, use the email address below.


Permit holders can still sign out via telephone by dialing 866-377-1011.



For Emergencies Please Call:
Ft. Stewart Central Dispatch at 912-767-2822