Hunting at Ft. Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield


Fort-Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield is a popular destination for hunters. Each year, over 2,700 individuals will register 37,000+ check-ins to pursue a multitude of game species within the installation boundaries. Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield provides many opportunities to hunt native big game, small game, and waterfowl species. The installation also offers year-round hunting for nuisance feral hogs.


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Deer Hunting 

Turkey Hunting (coming soon)

Alligator Hunting

Feral Hog Hunting

Small Game Hunting (coming soon)



What licenses do I need for hunting on the installation?




Mandatory Hunter Education Requirements: All hunters, regardless of age, must have in their possesion a valid Hunter Safety/Education Certificate while hunting on the installation. Your hunter education certificate can be from any valid U.S. state approved course. 

You can find more information regarding available in-person and online Hunter Education courses at the link below.



HARVEST RECORD RETURN POLICY:  Hunters who request a harvest record for deer and/or turkey season are required to return them to the Fish & Wildlife Office. You must return the harvest record whether you recorded a harvest or not, and it must returned even if you did not register any hunting attempts during the season.  The penalty for not returning the harvest record is a 1-year suspension.  However, hunters can get their suspension lifted if they return the harvest record to the Fish and Wildlife Office, in person or by mail (return envelope is provided with your harvest record).


Review the materials below for more information about encountering munitions while hunting at Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield.



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Ft. Stewart Central Dispatch at 912-767-2822