Feral Hog Hunting at Fort Stewart


Feral hogs are a non-native, nuisance species found throughout the installation. Vast acreages of river bottoms, coastal flatwoods, bays, and open pine hills coupled with ranges, impact areas, and off-limits areas create ideal conditions for feral hog populations to thrive. 









Feral hogs cause significant damage to ranges, military training infrastructure, wildlife openings, and managed dove fields. They outcompete native wildlife for food resources, alter wetland habitats, and damage rare ecosystems.









Feral hogs are not a managed game species on Fort Stewart.


They can be hunted year-round with no daily/season bag limits. 









Hunters are encouraged to shoot all feral hogs encountered in open areas.



Below are a few maps reflecting the most current feral hog harvest data.




Frequently asked feral hog hunting questions...


Q: Where is the best place to hunt hogs on Fort Stewart?

A: Everywhere that is open for hunting. See maps above for good places to start.


Q: What are best months to hunt hogs?

A: Every month, but popular hog hunting months are January through March.


Q. Can I shoot hogs even if I am checked in for another type of hunting (i.e. deer hunting, squirrel hunting, etc.)?

A: Yes. Each hunting activity type has an option to report the harvest of feral hogs and coyotes when you checkout.


Q: Do I need a Fort Stewart harvest record to hunt feral hogs?

A: No.


Q: Do I need to bring hogs to the Deer Check Station on operational days?

A: No. 


Q: Can I use bait to hunt hogs?

A: The use of bait within General Firearms areas is strictly prohibited.

We will occasionally authorize hunters to use bait within a few archery-only areas located near post housing, airfields, and other cantonment areas. Dates and authorized training areas will be posted to the Seasons and Bag Limits tab and we will make an announcement on the Ft. Stewart iSportsman homepage. The special baited opportunity hog hunting season will usually be sometime after deer season ends and before turkey season begins. There is no guarantee we will allow baiting during any given year. If there are no dates/annoucements posted to the website, then the use or possession of bait is strictly prohibited in all areas. See Appendix E of the SOP for more information.


Q: Can I hunt hogs at night?

A: No. Legal shooting hours are 30 minutes prior to sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset.


Q: Can I hunt hogs with dogs?

A: No.


Q: Are there any future plans to allow hog hunting with dogs?

A: No.


Q: Are there weapons restrictions for hunting hogs?

A: Yes, there are seasonal weapons restrictions based on other concurrent hunting seasons. See Legal Weapons Dates.


Q: Do I have to wear hunter orange while hog hunting?

A: Yes, everyone must wear 500 square inches of hunter/blaze orange, unless you are in a designated Archery-Only Area.


Q: Are there hogs at Hunter Army Airfield?

A: Currently, we do not have evidence of an established hog population at HAAF. If you see a feral hog while at HAAF, please immediately notify the Fish & Wildlife Branch.


Please contact us if you have any additional questions regarding feral hog hunting on Fort Stewart.