Ft Stewart/HAAF Firearm Registration

Firearms used in training areas outside of the cantonment, NO LONGER require registration. However, if brought through a gated checkpoint into the cantonment at FS/HAAF, weapons registration will still be required. A copy of the registration form must be retained with the firearm at all times when on the installation for authorized activities and shown to LE personnel upon request.  To get started with the firearm registration process, please go to https://home.army.mil/stewart/index.php/about/Garrison/DES/personally-owned-firearms.      

To register your firearms, print the weapons registration form (click on link above to get this form) and take it to Building 283 on Ft Stewart (912-767-2263) or Building 1240 (197 S. Lightning Road) on HAAF (912-315-6133 or 315-6135).  Office hours are Mon-Thur, 0830-1600, closed 12-1300 for lunch and federal holidays.  On training holidays, the Registration Office may be closed.  To access, go through Gate 1 on Fort Stewart or the Montgomery Gate at HAAF.  The process to register firearms typically takes approximately 72 hours. 

Please note Hunter Law Enforcement officials will only use hard copy forms to complete the weapons registration.  HAAF will not accept the digital upload via DoD Safe Submission. 

Civilians who have registered their firearms at other ARMY installations do not need to register those same firearms at Ft. Stewart.  The possession of firearms registration documents is required.  However, firearms that have been registered at non-Army military installations (Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard etc) would need to be registered at Ft. Stewart.


For more information regarding Firearm Registration, please call (912)767-2263 (Ft. Stewart) or (912)315-6121 (HAAF)

For emergencies, please call Ft Stewart Central Dispatch at (912) 767-2822.