2022 Turkey Harvest Records are due back to the Fish and Wildlife Office by Tuesday, 14 June. All Harvest Records must be returned, even if you did not harvest a turkey.

Harvest Cards can be mailed using the return envelope with received with your tags. You can also physically bring them to our office. A drop box is located outside the Fish and Wildlife Office for after business hours returns. The office address is: 1177 Veterans Parkway, Building 1145 Fort Stewart, GA 31314


Fort Stewart iSportsman

Welcome to Fort Stewart/Hunter Army Airfield (FS/HAAF)!!

Home of the 3rd Infantry Division

And nearly 250,000 recreational acres! 

Whether you enjoy hunting, fishing, bird watching, horseback riding, or a variety of other activities, Ft. Stewart/HAAF has what you are looking for.  And now, access is easier with the new iSportsman System.  You can now purchase your permit, check area status, check into and out of areas, and read the SOP all from this site! 

HARVEST RECORD RETURN POLICY:  Hunters who request a harvest record for deer and/or turkey season are required to return them to the Fish and Wildlife Office.  Although the requirement itself is nothing new, the fact that this rule is now being enforced is new.  You must return the harvest record whether you record a harvest or not.  The penalty for not returning the harvest record is a 1-year suspension.  However, hunters can get their suspension lifted if they return the harvest record to the Fish and Wildlife Office, in person or by mail (address is on the card).  If harvest card is lost, please call the Fish and Wildlife Office at 912-767-9040 or 912-767-2584


iSportsmans Steps:


  1. "REGISTER" to create an account.
    1. Each person must have their own account.
    2. Only 1 account per email address.  The system will not recognize multiple accounts using the same email address.
    3. Watch the safety video and take the 25-question test.  The safety test is an ANNUAL requirement and is valid 365 days from the date it is completed successfully.  This is required before you can acquire permits.   
  2. Once you have an iSportsman account, go to "ACQUIRE PERMITS".
    1. Find the permit(s) you wish to acquire and "ADD TO CART"
    2. Once you have added all the permits you wish to acquire, select "VIEW CART & CHECK OUT"
    3. Verify the permits are correct and "CHECKOUT". 
    4. "CONFIRM" your order, "PRINT PERMITS", and "RETURN TO HOME"
  3. You can now "CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT"
    1. Select "CHECK-IN"
    2. Select your "ACTIVITY" (ie, fishing, hunting, bird watching, etc.)
    3. Acknowledge the required check-out time
    4. Select the AREA you wish to recreate in.  Only areas that are OPEN will be available for selection
      1. If it is after 12noon, you will have the option for today or tomorrow. 
    5. "CONFIRM CHECK-IN".  You are now checked-in for the activity and area you selected. 
    6. Place the printed out permit on the dash of your vehicle while you are recreating. 
  4. When you are finished for the day, or wish to move to another area, you must "CHECK-OUT"
    1. LOGIN to your account
    2. Select "CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT"
    3. The page will show you where you are currently checked-in.  Select "CHECK-OUT"
    4. If you were hunting, fishing, or frog-gigging, you will be asked "DID YOU CATCH OR COLLECT ANY HARVEST?"
      1. If you did not, select "NO", then "CONFIRM CHECK-OUT"
      2. If you caught fish or harvested game, please select "YES".  The site will prompt you to select the game and/or fish you harvested and amounts.  Other information may be requested for white-tailed deer, largemouth bass, eastern wild turkey, and feral hogs.
      3. Once you have completed entering harvested fish and game, select "CONFIRM CHECK-OUT"


Permit holders may sign into or out of areas and ponds by using this website, or by dialing 866 377-1011.




Fort Stewart Fish and Wildlife Branch
1177 Veterans Parkway, Bldg 1145
Fort Stewart, Georgia 31314
912-767-9040 OR 912-767-2584
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm
Closed Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays
Ft. Stewart Central Dispatch at 912-767-2822