Fishing on Ft. Stewart/HAAF

Attention Anglers: You are now required to check out of an area after you are done fishing.   

You will find a new creel survey when you check out using iSportsman.  This survey will ask about the number of fish caught and sizes of bass to provide more accurate data for management purposes.  Currently the only population data received is from electrofishing surveys.  The creel survey will provide a better over-all look at the population and what anglers are actually catching. 

Ft. Stewart/HAAF has 20 actively managed recreational fishing ponds, totaling over 400 acres.  Plus, over 260 miles of streams and rivers to fish. Fishermen have reported catching largemouth bass weighing over 10lbs in over half of the managed ponds.  Large bluegill and redear sunfish can be found throughout the Installation, as well as black crappie and various catfish. 

Creel limit signs are posted at each managed pond.  A list of all the pond creel limits can be found HERE.  For all other bodies of water, please follow state limits


Each year MWR, with the support of Fish and Wildlife, hosts bass tournaments and Kids Fishing Events.  Below is the 2023 schedule for these events.  For registration and more information about these events, please visit the MWR Outdoor Recreation Office at Holbrook Pond or call 912-435-8205.

2023 Kids' Fishing Events:


3 JUNE @

10 JUNE @


Pond 3 - Holbrook Pond

Pond 24 - Halstrom Pond (HAAF)

Pond 3 - Holbrook Pond

23 SEPTEMBER @ Pond 24 - Halstrom Pond (HAAF)




 Ft. Stewart Central Dispatch at 912-767-2822