Frequently Asked iSportsman Questions


​Q: How do I sign up for iSportsman?

A: Click HERE to register and fill out the appropriate information.

Follow the tutorial HERE if you need additional assistance.


Q: Why is my account not showing any permits available for purchase?

A: You are required to watch a short permit access brief and take a quiz prior to acquiring permits or checking in. 

The short video and quiz can be found under the “My Safety Brief” tab after you log in.  This will take approximately 6-10 minutes.  


Q: Can I come to your office and purchase my permit in-person?

A: Permits are only available for purchase online with a debit/credit card.


Q: Where is your office located?

A: We are located at: 1177 Veterans Parkway, Building 1145, Fort Stewart, GA 31314.

Map to our location will can be found HERE. If you do not have a valid DoD Identification Card, you must go to the Visitor Control Center at the Main Gate to receive a visitors pass.


Q: I have a valid permit, but why can I no longer check-in?

A: Your safety briefing is an annual requirement. It has likely expired. Go back into your 'Briefings' Tab and re-take the briefing and annual test.


Q: I do not have a computer, how can I purchase a permit?

A: There are public computers available to use.  The MWR Outdoor Recreation Office, located on the entrance road to Holbrook Pond, will have a computer available for you to use.  Also, most public libraries have computers available. 

Q:  I don’t have an email address.  How can I purchase a permit?

A: You must have an email address to register. 

You can set up a free email account through many email providers, such as:Yahoo Mail, Outlook Mail, Gmail, etc.

Q: How will I check-in with iSportsman?

A: There are 2 options for checking in and out of areas and ponds, on the website and by phone.  The website will be the easiest and most straight-forward option

To check-in by phone, dial 866-377-1011


Q: How do I add my child to my permit?

A: Each person, including children, will be required to have their own account and permit and must check-in and out.  Child permits are FREE. You can create their account HERE.


Q: Do I have to check-in when I am fishing?

A: All users must check-in for all recreational activities in the training areas


Q: Can I check-in for multiple days/areas?

A: No.  The system only allows you to check-in for 1 day and 1 area at a time.  For multiple days (fishing, frog gigging, camping), you must check-out before 11:59pm and check back in for the next day. To change areas, you must check-out of one and check back in to the next area. ​


Q: Can I reserve an area to hunt or fish the day before?

A: No, we no longer participate in early reservations.


Q: Do I still need a "dash" pass or vehicle pass?

A: Yes. Your permit is your "dash pass" and must be clearly displayed on the dash of your vehicle, with permit numbers facing up, while in training area. More information can be found HERE.


Q: I want to use the river landing/ramp or go to a cemetery in an OPEN AREA, but the Area Status Map says the landing or cemetery is “Unavailable or closed”.  Is it open or closed?

A: You do not check into the individual river landings. These are on the map only to show you where they are located.  If the area is open, the landing/ramp is open.  If the area is closed, the landing/ramp is closed. This is the same for cemeteries. These are marked on the area status map with blue and orange diamonds.


For any additional questions you can contact us below.